AI Can Screen Lung Cancer More Accurately than Doctors, Claims Tencent's Pony Ma
Wang Siqi
/SOURCE : Yicai
AI Can Screen Lung Cancer More Accurately than Doctors, Claims Tencent's Pony Ma

(Yicai Global) June 21 -- Is the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of precision medical treatment a blessing or a curse? Pony Ma, founder and CEO of China's internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. [HKG:0700], claimed in an AI forum today that Tencent's AI products can detect lung cancer with 63 percent accuracy and diagnose lung cancer with 78 percent accuracy, both higher than the average level achieved by doctors.

Through the labeling of hundreds of X-ray films, AI technology can learn to test lung cancer independently, said Ma Huateng at a forum held this morning. "My team told me that the accuracy can even be further improved if another three months are given," he said.

However, AI expert Michael Jordan, professor from University of California, Berkeley, held a different opinion at the meeting. He believes that it is not realistic to apply AI technology to medical diagnosis completely. Although its accuracy in disease diagnosis has improved, AI technology can only serve as support, and cannot be solely relied on in treatment decision and prognosis.

"When it comes to making several medical decisions in human environment, it is dangerous for a single machine to make decisions based solely on the surrounding information, because sometimes the information that the machine understands is not comprehensive, and this will affect the direction of decision-making," warned Prof. Jordan.

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